Your French property management Software in English

Les fonctionnalités du logiciel de gestion de syndic de copropriété LA COPROPRIÉTÉ DIGITALE

All the functionalities of property management Software in English

VILOGI offers its famous universal full-web software to property managers LA COPROPRIETE DIGITALE© fully translated into English for our English-speaking friends.

All documents are translated into French. If you want to go further in the translation, just tell us what you want and the VILOGI team will do the necessary to satisfy you quickly.
In the same way if you wish a particular document for your customers, it is enough to communicate to us the model of document which after analysis by our teams will be set up on your application. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What also makes it original is that this software is:

  • on the one hand adaptable according to a very wide typology of users, whether they are professionals, institutional, trustees and online managers, regulated professions, social landlords, freelancers and even volunteers for the special refined version !!!
  • and on the other hand the software is connectable to any other digital innovation in the management of co-ownership.
  • this software has been designed in such a way that it seems disconcerting by its simplicity of use, for people who are used to the old software that made them suffer so much...
  • it has a thousand and one tips to automate tasks, process them en masse and reduce the processing times of property administrators
  • it allows you to manage several agencies and deport accounting tasks to distant actors!
To each his needs!
  • For Property Administrators who have to manage several thousand lots
  • Online condominium trustees
  • Real estate agencies that manage a few hundred lots
  • Small firms starting a new trustee activity
  • Regulated professions (bailiffs, notaries, surveyors)
  • Social and institutional Lessor offices (HLM offices) which administer tens of thousands of lots
  • The Volunteer Syndics, cooperative unions and ASL who manage a few dozen lots!
Features included:
  • Integral management for demanding property administrators!
  • The complete account with controls and even more!
  • Transfer / direct debit / check reader / invoice reader
  • The trustee's billing
  • The general Assembly
  • The maintenance book
  • The technical visit of the buildings
  • The tools of control of the Guarantee Fund
  • Extranets already meeting ELAN standards
  • The digital housing notebook
  • Automated updating of the condominium register, including security certificates
  • The mobile application for the union council and the co-owners
  • The communication center which allows discussion with all stakeholders (owners, tenants, providers, trustee ...)
  • The mailing center including letters, emails, SMS, electronic registered letters
  • The event manager customizable and programmable by property administrators
  • Dashboards
  • Download to recover all your data at any time
  • Connection with all digital innovations

Your 100% Full web application!
  • No hardware to buy or network to install
  • Works under any version of Windows, Mac ...
  • No pre-requisite training - the software is very intuitive and automates tasks
  • Unlimited number of stations and users
  • Application available 24/24
  • Take your mobile office anywhere, 24/24!
  • Application connectable to any other digital innovation
In terms of accounting
  • Full bookkeeping and annual reports
  • Basic management including budgets, fundraising, bookkeeping for co-owners and suppliers ...
  • Multiple postings, bank reconciliation, automatic postings
  • Monitoring of ALUR works advances and funds
  • Management of works, loans and grants
  • Direct debits and transfers with automated transactions
  • Discounts for multi-condominium collection
  • The check reader for recording bulk payments
  • Scanned invoice reader for mass entries
  • Built-in tools to help with Guarantee Fund checks
  • A commercial manager to automatically edit the firm's invoices
In terms of management
  • An enriched CMMS-oriented maintenance booklet that includes all the technical data of the buildings
  • Management of maintenance contracts
  • A building visit book
  • Management of meters and individual consumption of fluids (water, gas, thermals, electricity, etc.)
  • The General Assembly module with rich and practical features
  • Automated and archived transfer management
  • Management of joint ownership
  • Automated editing of dated Pre-State and Dated State
  • A single screen by co-owner bringing together all administrative, financial, accounting and event information
  • Recording of annual data in the Co-ownership Register
  • Default manager
  • Export tools for all your data (with VILOGI you stay free!)
  • A GED system at all levels
  • Archiving of your scanned documents
  • Suppliers with a single directory, management of maintenance contracts...


In terms of communication
  • The distribution center to publish and distribute your documents using integrated messaging (send all your fundraising calls in seconds!)
  • Sending letters by Electronic Registered Letter
  • Notification of your co-owners, tenants of the building and suppliers by SMS or email
  • In terms of daily tasks
  • A configurable event manager including all the needs and tasks of the firm


In terms of Management of Service Orders
  • Claims management
  • Managing quotes and tenders
  • Recording and monitoring of external and internal calls and requests
  • Monitoring of tasks by employees and managers
  • The possibility of creating your own event assistants
  • Notification by SMS or MAIL of the follow-up of events with your co-owners and suppliers


In terms of task automation and productivity
  • The check reader for recording bulk payments
  • Scanned invoice reader for mass entries
In terms of co-owner extranets
  • The provision of useful data to co-owners in real time in accordance with the latest regulations (ALUR and ELAN)

    • Identification of the trustee, of the contract, certificate of Financial Guarantee ...
    • Co-ownership regulations
    • Service book
    • Current account statement by years
    • Statement of works accounts
    • The re-edition of the charges of the co-owner
    • Fundraising and fundraising schedule
    • Co-ownership events book
    • The diagnostics of the condominium
    • Insurance contracts
    • Maintenance contracts
    • The mandate of the trustee
    • The digital notebook of the co-owner's accommodation

  • A special extranet for council members In addition to what is available for co-owners, union council members have tools that allow them to play their role!

    • Being able to create events in the condominium (visiting neighbors for example ...)
    • Organize meetings of the Union Council
    • Consult all the accounts of the condominium
    • Prepare and discuss AG's draft resolutions with the trustee
    • View bank reconciliations
    • Consult the visit reports of the condominium
In terms of the Mobile Application for co-owners
  • The provision of useful data to co-owners on smartphones and iPhones

    • Statement of accounts by years
    • Fundraising and timelines
    • AG's convocations
    • The minutes of GA
    • The possibility of sending notifications / photos to the co-ownership trustee
    • Information relating to the co-ownership and co-owners


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.